Helpie FAQ

  • What happens to the finished videos?
    We embed the videos to your site/google places/maps/video channel (youtube, vimeo, etc) and create schedules for both producing more content (video, blogs, social) and posting across the relevant social platforms.
  • Do I write my own script?
    Script writing is part of our services. When it comes to presenting to camera, we script key questions derived from your ‘purpose cards session’, and we work with you on the day to keep your address authentic. We choose to enable you to express yourself and respond naturally to questions, over preparing answers for you or focusing on "presentation skills" (yuck). We also offer packages with unique technology to allow you to respond, on camera, to an interviewer asking questions, rather than an empty lens.
  • How many coaching sessions will i need?
    This really depends on how good you want to get, and the nature of your audience, and how open and willing you are to tell your story. As a rough idea: a gardener may require less precise delivery, than a cosmetic surgeon. Having said that, we always prioritise getting you in front of the camera asap, with a deliverable video usually available after the first session (no time like the present!). The number of sessions after this entirely depends on you. We offer a variety of options, with discounts for repeat visits.
  • How much does a video cost?
    Our packages and sessions start at $600, which includes initial coaching and filming. We also offer ongoing packages, and custom quotes to meet your needs.
  • i get nervous on camera, help!
    It's normal to be nervous when faced with the prospect of appearing on camera. And while there are many ways to overcome nervousness, the most direct and time-tested method is simply practising! Read more here: https://screencraft.buzz/camera-fright/