Panda Radicalise Johnny’s secret Hood Lyfe

Most of us believe that being in front of the lens is something best left to professionals; those who posses a magical element (and good looks!) that mere mortals lack.

It’s understandable that many business people baulk at appearing on camera.

Yet, take a closer look – what is the key difference between these professionals and you, beyond the lighting, the training, the chiseled jawline?

The crucial difference is: while you would appear to present yourself as a provider of a product or service, a presenter is primarily selling their presentation – every single time they appear on camera.

So – what’s the crucial element for a business person to appear on camera and endear trust in their target audience?


Yep, that’s it.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re Elle Macpherson or the Elephant Man, when it comes to introducing your service or product on camera, all the audience cares about is you delivering on what you said you’ll do.

Picture this: you’re Googling to find a personalised service, let’s say you need a Bookkeeper. From the many bookkeeper sites on offer you find two websites that feature videos. Website number one has a professional presenter detailing the services of said bookkeeper, who is hiding off-screen, and on Website number two there’s the actual Bookkeeper who simply talks about his work, and comes across as down to earth, honest and dependable – albeit a tad untrained on camera.

Who would you choose?

The camera will always pick up on what you’re really expressing, whether that be that you’re trained at presenting, or are someone committed to providing their customers with real value, and a personalised service.

Next time you’re considering appearing on camera, remember the most important element to successfully appearing on camera: Just be yourself.

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